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SELF-CARE for Educators 

We know how much effort our educators are putting into teaching and taking care of Georgia's students. We also know it is vital to take care of yourself. Check out the resources below for some information and tips!

Educator and staff wellness resources

Choa & Strong4life

Guides on everything from mindfulness activities to eating smarter to COVID-19 self-screening, a suite of resources to help you in and out of the classroom.

2x2 series

Georgia's DBHDD

These WebEx events are held live twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and each session provides attendees with mental health tips about managing stress, grief, work/life balance, and wellness.

Planning for the next normal at school

Kaiser permanente

This playbook helps think about and address the various health dimensions for students, staff, teachers, and families as you embark on the "next normal" at school. It features sections on mental health and well-being and specifically staff and teacher well-being. Also check out this accompanying video!

Educators resource bank

alliance for a healthier generation

A variety of guides, trainings, and tips on stress management, finding balance, gratitude, strategies to support staff during COVID-19, dealing with the remote and distant world, and much more.

Tools During a Public Health Crisis

mental health technology transfer network

A two-pager with quick guides on taking care of yourself, staying informed without stressing out, understanding distress, and strategies for teaching during COVID-19.

WEllness guides

emory university school of medicine

From an interprofessional group of mental health professionals, these wellness guides are offered with the aim of helping people cope with the COVID-19 pandemic during this unsettling time. Some of these wellness guides have been translated into Spanish as well.

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